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Sustainable products and sustainable decluttering. 

Most households will undertake decluttering or home clean out activities at some stage. However, when getting rid of unwanted items, it is important to stop and consider whether the item is still a valued resource rather than putting it straight in landfill.

Waste generation in New South Wales has increased by 17% since 2015, with the state generating 21.9 million tonnes of waste material per year. 

While this is a staggering figure, there are simple steps each of us can take to better manage our resources and become more mindful consumers.

The waste industry regularly refers to the waste hierarchy for the efficient use of resources: avoidance, reuse, reduce, reuse and recycle with disposal being the least preferred option. 

When having a household cleanout, consider the items that you want to keep and, if there are some that are broken, can they be fixed. Maybe there are some things that can be repurposed, upcycled, donated or reused for something else. 

Establish which items can be recycled or recovered so the valuable resources can be put to another use and, if there are items that have no further value, putting them to landfill should be the last resort. 

The process of sustainable decluttering begins when items are first purchased. Purchasing products without considering their lifecycle is known as ‘mindless consumption’ and does not place high value on resource use or consider the environmental impacts of production, use and ultimate disposal.

At the beginning of the 21st century, people bought half as many clothes and kept them for twice as long. In more recent times, we purchase 60% more items of clothing yet keep these items for half the amount of time.

As an alternative, ‘mindful consumption’ places value on resource use and shows an awareness of how certain purchases may impact society and the environment. 

Mindful consumption is about being intentional with what we buy and own and making conscious decisions that align with our values and our back pockets! 

One way to practice mindful consumption is to consider the lifespan of a product before purchasing it. Will it last and be useful for a long time, or will it quickly become waste? Choosing high-quality, durable items over cheap, disposable ones can reduce waste and save you money in the long run.

In 2024, Blayney Shire Council is encouraging the community to become more mindful of their purchasing and consumption habits in order to reduce the social and environmental impacts of waste disposal to create a more sustainable future.

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Council Update

Youth Week Funding

Community organisations are invited to make application for funding to hold activities for Youth Week under the 2024 Youth Week Small Grants Program.

Youth Week 2024 will be celebrated from 11 to 21 April 2024 and focuses on the issues and concerns of local young people and targets those aged from 12 to 24 years. The theme for Youth Week 2024 is “Express. Empower. Get Loud!”

Grants available are in the amount of $700 to $1,200 and funding allocated will be dependent on the number of applications received. Consideration for larger grants will be given for worthy activities.  
Applications close Monday 4 March 2024 and application forms are available on Council’s National Youth Week page or by contacting Council on 6368 2104.

Public Exhibition – Voluntary Planning Agreement and Classification of Land

Following the January Ordinary Meeting, Council is seeking comment on the following document now on public exhibition:

  • Voluntary Planning Agreement relating to the dedication of drainage and open space lands associated with Development Application 146/2021 being the Subdivision of Land into 56 Lots (52 Urban Residential Lots) at 1279 Millthorpe Road, Millthorpe.
This document is available for viewing and downloading on Council’s Documents on Public Exhibition page.

Public notice is also given for the intention to classify proposed Lot 231 as Operational Land and proposed Lot 323 as Community Land.

Written submissions must be received prior to 5.00pm Friday 1 March 2024.


Community Financial Assistance Program Round 2 – 2023/24

Applications for the second round under the 2023/24 Community Financial Assistance Program are open. 

Local community organisations / individuals are invited to submit an application by 15 March 2024. Applications lodged before 8 March 2024 will be reviewed and applicants will be contacted in the event of any errors or omissions in applications.

There are four categories of financial assistance:

  • Recurrent financial assistance 
  • Non-recurrent financial assistance (Up to $5,000 and more in exceptional cases)
  • Sporting related financial assistance
  • Flagship annual community project (Up to $25,000 for a major project)
Applicants are required to obtain a copy of the guidelines and complete the application form. 

Council will not consider requests for financial support (cash or in-kind) outside of this program. 

Guidelines and application forms are available from Council’s Community Financial Assistance Program page or from Council’s office.


Tourism Development Program

Council has a Tourism Development Program which provides support to both not-for-profit entities and local businesses to host events, produce marketing projects and create tourist attractions aimed to promote and grow the visitor economy in the Blayney Shire.

$10,000 of funding has been allocated to the program for the 2023/24 financial year with applications now open until all funds are expended.

Guidelines and application forms are available from Council’s Tourism Development Program page or from Council’s office.

Entrance Construction Works Blayney Waste Facility

The Blayney Waste Facility will be closed to the public and contractors on Monday 26th February 2024. The Buy Back shop will also be closed during this time. The closure is to conduct road surface upgrades to the entry of the waste facility. 
Please note the upgrades do not include any highway upgrades. The highway will have a 40km/h speed limit during the works. 

The Blayney Waste Facility will reopen on Tuesday 27 February 2024 at 9am and the buyback shop at 10am. 

Kerbside waste collection will not be affected by the closure.

Notice of Intention to Classify land as Operational Land

In accordance with Division 1 of the Local Government Act, Blayney Shire Council hereby gives notice of its intention to classify land as described in Schedule A, as operational land. 

Schedule A: Lot 100 DP 1296414, adjacent to 3399 Mid Western Hwy Kings Plains

Dog for Rehoming

Council has a dog available for rehoming., check our Facebook page for photos. 

13 month old, Male. Great dog, not aggressive, requires a very secure yard as he can jump fences.

Microchipped and Registered, will be wormed and vaccinated.

Contact Council for further details on 6368 2104
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Last modified: 22 Feb 2024