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Millthorpe Update - Blayney Shire Settlement Strategy

In February 2021, following extensive community consultation, Council adopted the 2020 Blayney Shire Settlement Strategy.

The strategy identified a Planning Proposal be undertaken to update and amend the Blayney Local Environmental Plan 2012 Millthorpe and surrounds, as follows;
1. Condense the RU5 Village zone to the commercial ‘core’ of Millthorpe.
2. Apply the R1 General Residential zone to the surrounding residential area of Millthorpe.
3. Clarify that the Minimum Lot Size for the R5 Large Lot Residential zone North of Millthorpe is 4000m² serviced or 2 hectares un-serviced.
4. Introduce a new Dwelling Permissibility clause for 3 properties in the RU1 Primary Production zone (specific identification criteria applied).
5. Rezone 78 Clover Ridge Road from RU1 Primary Production to R5 Large Lot Residential.

Need some help understanding?

Watch our video with Blayney Shire Mayor Scott Ferguson and Director Planning and Environment, Mark Dicker explaining the strategy, and refer to the information below. 


Public Exhibition

The Planning Proposal to amend the Blayney Local Environmental Plan 2012 is placed on public exhibition for review and comment until 9am, Tuesday 19 April 2022. View it here. 

Need more information?

Blayney Shire Council will be hosting drop in sessions so you can ask for further information:

Wednesday 30 March

Golden Memories Museum, Millthorpe

9:00am - 11:00am and 5:00 pm - 7:00pm

If you have any questions, please contact council on 6368 2104 or email planning@blayney.nsw.gov.au

Please note, this Planning Proposal has no specific relationship to

  • Any Development Application (including subdivisions) currently under assessment;
  •  Millthorpe Main Street MasterPlan Study;
  •  Millthorpe Settlement Strategy Addendum.

In relation to 'Condense the RU5 Village zone to the commercial ‘core’ of Millthorpe' and 'Apply the R1 General Residential zone to the surrounding residential area of Millthorpe.'

Table 1 lists a number of non-residential uses which, subject to a Development Application can currently be undertaken in the RU5 Village zone (which is currently all of Millthorpe). 

The updates would prevent the non-residential uses in Table 1 from being undertaken in the grey area of the map, which is predominantly residential dwellings.

Table 2 lists all of the permitted uses, which subject to a Development Application can be undertaken in the grey area of the map below (Proposed R1 General Residential Zone).

 Table 1 Table 2 
Boat building and repair facility
Business premises
Commercial premises
Function centre
Funeral home
Garden centre
Hardware and building supplies
Landscaping material supplies
Light industries
Mixed use development
Resource recovery facility
Restricted premises
Retail premises
Self-storage units
Timber yard
Transport depot
Truck depot
Vehicle repair station
Warehouse or distribution centre
Waste disposal facility 
Attached dwellings
Boarding houses
Building identification signs
Business identification signs
Camping grounds
Caravan parks
Centre-based child care facilities
Community facilities
Dwelling houses
Emergency services facilities
Exhibition homes
Exhibition villages
Flood mitigation works
Group homes
Home businesses
Home industries
Home occupations (sex services)
Information and education facilities
Multi dwelling housing
Neighbourhood shops
Oyster aquaculture
Passenger transport facilities
Places of public worship
Pond-based aquaculture
Recreation areas
Recreation facilities (indoor)
Recreation facilities (outdoor)
Residential accommodation
Residential flat buildings
Respite day care centres Roads
Semi-detached dwellings
Seniors housing
Sewerage systems
Shop top housing
Tank-based aquaculture
Tourist and visitor accommodation
Water supply systems 




Last modified: 25 Mar 2022