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Community Consultation

  • Community Survey Results 2021 - One important task for the new Council is to review the Blayney Shire Community Strategic Plan. In preparation for the review of the Community Strategic Plan and Resourcing Strategy, Council sought feedback about the services we deliver to the Shire. The diversity and range of Council services affects everyone in the community in some way, and we were interested to know what is important for residents and their families. What makes Blayney Shire Council an attractive place for people who live and work in the shire, business and industry? We asked what services are important and how well are they being delivered at that point in time. Are we delivering Council services to meet expectations? Is the community happy with the condition of our roads, bridges, parks and gardens? Have we improved in communicating and responding to enquiries whilst delivering Council services to residents and the community? Council launched an online questionnaire for the month of September 2021, and received 379 completed survey’s which have now been summarised with some key recommendations made after each section.
  • Master Plan - Project Updates - Council has engaged Place Design Group to develop plans for both Millthorpe and Blayney CBDs that will invigorate and activate the village/town centres, ensuring they meet the needs of the local community, people who visit the village and local business’.
  • Millthorpe Update - Blayney Shire Settlement Strategy - In February 2021, following extensive community consultation, Council adopted the 2020 Blayney Shire Settlement Strategy. The strategy identified a Planning Proposal be undertaken to update and amend the Blayney. Local Environmental Plan 2012 Millthorpe and surrounds, as follows; 1. Condense the RU5 Village zone to the commercial ‘core’ of Millthorpe. 2. Apply the R1 General Residential zone to the surrounding residential area of Millthorpe. 3. Clarify that the Minimum Lot Size for the R5 Large Lot Residential zone North of Millthorpe is 4000m² serviced or 2 hectares un-serviced. 4. Introduce a new Dwelling Permissibility clause for 3 properties in the RU1 Primary Production zone (specific identification criteria applied). 5. Rezone 78 Clover Ridge Road from RU1 Primary Production to R5 Large Lot Residential.
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