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Master Plan - Project Updates

Millthorpe Village Centre 

Project Update March 2022

Status: Stakeholder Engagement – Phase 2

An online presentation was held on Tuesday 5 April.

Watch the recording here.

View the draft plans which were presented at the meeting here.

Funding: This project was funded by Blayney Shire Council and the Millthorpe Village Committee.

Timeline: The draft plan will be put to the April Council Meeting for endorsement to be placed on public exhibition for a period of 28 days.

Project Summary:

Council, in conjunction with the Millthorpe Village Committee, engaged Place Design Group to develop plans that will invigorate and activate the village centre, ensuring it meets the needs of the local community, people who visit the village and local businesses.

We believe that the success of the main street and village centre will be determined by how well it caters to the needs of the people who live, work, play and visit here. The Village Centre Master Plan, will include overall design strategies, proposed vehicle and pedestrian circulation, material and planting palettes, parking strategies, etc.

In September 2021, Place Design Group presented the initial draft concept plans via a webinar, this was then followed by an online survey and an opportunity for the community to provide written submissions.

Blayney Town Centre 

Project Update March 2022

Status: Public Exhibition for 28 days

Funding: This project was funded by the NSW Government’s Resources for Regions Program Project


Council has engaged Place Design Group to develop the next phase of the Blayney 2020 Master Plan and implementation strategy, looking at a number of the proposed projects along the main street and surrounding town centre. The original 2020 Master Plan was a strategic document, which aimed to “deliver strategies that enhance the economic viability, growth and marketability of Blayney, based on the findings of research into Blayney’s current economic situation and its potential for future growth” The Town Centre Master Plan, looks to implement the previously identified opportunities, and will include overall design strategies, proposed vehicle and pedestrian circulation and connections, material and planting palettes, parking strategies, etc.

Following an extensive community consultation process, which included an online presentation in September 2021 and community survey, Council and architects Place Design Group have incorporated community feedback on the main street concept plans for Blayney. A set of revised plans have been prepared and distributed to stakeholders, including the Blayney Town Association who have been advocating for the enhancement and refurbishment of Adelaide Street.

Council will review the revised Masterplan concept formally at the March meeting and place it on public exhibition for more of your feedback and comments.  Following this process, the implementation, detailed design, and costing will be prioritised as opportunities arise, to fund different stages of the project. 
In conjunction with the redesign and concept plans for Blayney’s main street which aims to provide a safe, welcoming, and accessible shopping precinct, Council has been notified that Transport for NSW (TfNSW) are supportive of implementing a High Pedestrian Activity Area in Blayney. This project would include a speed zone change in Adelaide Street. It is proposed that the speed of highway traffic from the railway crossing to Water Street will be reduced to 40km/hr, with signage and associated works funded by TfNSW.


Last modified: 06 Apr 2022